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Positive Singles Review: Top 1 Herpes Dating Site for HSV Singles

Positive Singles® is the No.1 dating site for people with HSV. With over 2.50 million active members in Canada, USA, and the UK, the site has been around since 2001 and has built up trust over time. The community is a great place to chat with other singles who are also infected with HSV. It is a great resource for people with HSV-1 or HSV-2, as it provides a safe and positive environment for connecting with others who have similar conditions. Whether you’re looking for friendship, romance, or just a place to chat, Positive Singles is a great option for people with STDs.

The site is an online STD dating platform where you can find potential matches based on your specific status. You choose what type of STI when setting up a profile, and anyone who searches for people with that condition will see yours listed first! They include these kinds of STDs:

HSV-1 (herpes type 1, usually cold sore)
HSV-1 (herpes type 1, usually genital)
HSV-2 (herpes type 2, usually genital)
HSV-2 (herpes type 2, usually cold sore)
Herpes (not sure which type)
HPV (human papillomavirus)
HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Other STDs 

Positive Singles is the #1 STD dating site with over two million members and growing, from all over the world, with most members in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. 43.2% of members are women, 55.7 are men, and the remaining are couples. The company, Successful Match, a Silicon Valley firm founded in 2001, has been in the online dating business for over 20 years, and the site boasts over 60,000 success stories.

What Does Positive Singles Offer?

Members enjoy access to over 20,000-member blog posts a month, chat rooms, STD Q & A (live counselor), dating tips, and an award-winning live dating advisor. The ability to search member profiles, send messages and winks, and the Spark, a tinder-style feature that allows you to swipe right or left to like or pass on a profile. There are loads of privacy features and settings designed with you in mind. The ability to hide your profile from all members, all men or women. You can make your profile visible only to profiles on your favorites list and make your profile only visible to others with the same STD. Activity privacy settings include the ability to browse profiles anonymously, hide the last login date, and hide online status from all members. Other unique features include a "quick exit" button that can be activated from the app or browser window. It quickly redirects to a Google page when you need it. Customer support is available 24/7 and available via email or live support.

There are no shortcuts in life, and there are no shortcuts on PS as well. The fact is, this website is like no other. It gives people living with STD's the ability to meet, friend, and date other people living with similar conditions. That is a one of a kind opportunity, but it isn't a guarantee that you will find a date any time soon. If you want to make the most of that opportunity, you need to take the next step and become a Premium Member.

Think about it. Positive Singles has over 2,373,100 members. That means that PS membership is smaller than only three US cities, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. In fact, PS has almost the same population in members alone as the city of Chicago, IL. And we're constantly growing. Think about how huge Chicago is, though. It's big enough to support two Major League Baseball teams.

While there are over 2.5 million people in Chicago, how hard is it to get noticed in a city that size?

How hard is it to find a date in a city that size?

How hard is it to find a soul mate in a city that size?

And only a small percentage of people in Chicago are living with HIV, Herpes, HPV, or a similar STD. That gives you a much better shot at finding a date and getting to know someone here, but still, that is a lot of people to navigate through when you want to find the right one or ones to share special time with. That is where PS Premium Membership helps you find more potential dates, more quickly.

PS Premium Memberships

The PS Premium Membership helps you cut through all the noise and get more attention and visibility so you can find people that are closer to you. It also helps you find people that you are more likely to be attracted to or more likely to get a date with.


PS Premium Members are far more visible, getting noticed by other members over twenty times more than basic members. They get incredible tools like unlimited messaging and video chat to narrow down dating candidates once they meet them. The can see who is visiting their profile and even who likes them so they can identify people already showing an interest in them. Plus, they can find members within 50-100 miles of their location, so its much easier to meet up.

With all of these benefits for as little as $15.99-$29.99 a month, how can you afford to pass up this opportunity. You're serious about dating, you want to find dates and get back to having a romantic life. PS Premium is clearly the way to accomplish this.

What Does Positive Singles App Offer?

The app is designed with your privacy in mind. Its password protected and with a discrete app icon. Positive Singles is a dating site for HIV, HSV, and other STD-positive singles looking for serious relationships and friendships.

Positive Singles is run by a team of dedicated staff committed to serving the STD community. It costs over $10 million annually to run the site, and membership prices have not increased in over 10 years. Premium memberships are available in 1-, 3-, and 6-month packages. One-month premium membership costs about $1.00 per day billed in one EASY Payment of US $29.95. The cost for a three-month premium membership is about $19.95/month billed in one easy payment of US $59.95. The best value is the six-month premium membership, costing about $15.95/month and billed in one easy payment of US $95.95.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today. Connection awaits.

How many people are living with Herpes?

Let's be honest: Dating takes effort. It isn't easy and isn't always fun. From bad first dates to lousy first-time sexual encounters and getting ghosted, dating can be a veritable minefield of challenging and awkward situations. It is, unfortunately, how you go about getting to know someone. And if you're one of the 35 million people living with HIV/AIDS or billions of people living with herpes, dating (and disclosure) can make it even more challenging.

WebMD states, "Approximately 3.7 billion people under the age of fifty — or 67% — have been infected with HSV-1 in their lifetimes. There are about 491 million cases of HSV-2 worldwide — or 13% of the global population between the ages of 15 and 49".

Additional research has shown that 75% of all new genital herpes infections in college students are herpes simplex type 1 (HSV 1). HSV 1 is typically associated with oral herpes. An oral herpes outbreak is called a cold sore or fever blister. If you've ever had a cold sore, I have news for you—you have herpes. All is not lost! Folks living with herpes, HIV, and other chronic conditions can connect authentically with others--enjoying physical intimacy and emotional connection.

All the usual dating hassles aside, when you're living with a chronic condition like herpes and HIV, disclosing your status to a new partner can be challenging to navigate. Fear and ignorance can bring out the worst in people. The stigma of living with these conditions can be a source of distress and internalized shame.

What's a herpes people to do? First, know that when you decide to disclose your status is entirely up to you. There is no one size fits all approach to this. Though, before you engage in any acts that could potentially put someone at risk is ideal.

Educate yourself. The more you know about transmission, prevention, and other facts related to your condition, the better you'll be to disclose and inform potential partners about the possible risks. Knowledge is also a good defense against other people's ignorance. It doesn't always take away the pain someone's careless words and actions can cause. Still, it can help lessen the sting when you understand they are coming from a place of fear, misunderstanding, and ignorance.

Do what you can to reduce the likelihood of transmission. For herpes and HIV, this can include daily medication to reduce the possibility of transmission. In the case of HIV, someone with an undetectable viral load can't transmit the virus. Being undetectable means the number of copies of the virus in a drop of blood is too low to be measured by the test. For herpes, daily suppressive antiviral therapy reduces the number of outbreaks a person experiences and the number of days a person is shedding the virus per month. Shedding occurs when the virus is present on the skin's surface without an active outbreak.

The overall risk for genital herpes transmission is low. If we took 100 men and 100 women, the likelihood of male-to-female transmission would be about 10%. Meaning 10 women would be infected. The reverse (female-to-male) transmission is about 4%. The risk is always higher for the receptive partner. No good studies on same-gender transmission exist currently. These numbers are based on no sexual contact during an active outbreak, no condom use, and no antiviral therapy. Add to that condom use and daily suppressive treatment, and the risk drops even further. When used every time, condoms prevent male-to-female transmission by 96% and female-to-male transmission by 30-50%. Daily suppressive antiviral therapy reduces the likelihood of transmission by 48%. Transmission is far from inevitable.

Now what? So, you're armed with information and ready to find love. When to disclose is often the most complicated and delicate question. Every situation will be different based on a variety of factors. At the end of the day, you need to do what's right for you. Generally, it's a good idea to do it before the clothes come off. In the heat of the moment, it's easy to make a choice that later one or both of you might regret.

Let's talk about rejection for a minute. We all hate it, and it's 100% personal when it happens. Rejection happens to all of us in some way, shape, or form throughout our lives. That said, when you have HIV and especially herpes, rejection hits differently--it hits harder. Remember your worth. Your diagnosis does not define your value as a person.

Sometimes though, you don't want to deal with disclosure. You don't want to deal with people's ignorance. A site like Positive Singles removes the pressure of disclosing your status because other members are living with herpes, HIV, and other conditions. It's nice to connect with others in the same situation. Knowing you aren't alone can be healing, heartening, and helpful.

Positive Singles Success Story Checklist

While PS is the number one herpes dating site and has been since 2001, and we do have millions of members registered and tens of millions of visits each year, we are absolutely proudest of our success stories. Now, we are extremely proud to be more than an STD dating site, as we are really an STD community and support group, there's something about our romantic success stories that really tells of the success of this ever growing site.

The thing is, most of these success stories have something in common. A vast majority of them involve Premium Members. Many of them started as basic members for years. They met a few people here and there, but it takes time combing through over 2 million members from all over the place with only a certain amount of access, to find that special someone. These success stories got tired of piddling and waiting and they plunked down a whopping $15.99 to $29.99 a month and soon found their dream partner. It's funny, but we designed the site to eliminate members once they succeed. Once you meet your soulmate, the idea is that you won't need us anymore.

But first you have to meet your soulmate! Here is a checklist we found of commonalities in many of our success stories:

- Get Noticed: Our success stories mostly had better luck, and much more quickly, when they became Premium Members and were noticed over 20 times more than basic members.

- Communicate more: Premium membership gives unlimited messaging and even video messaging opportunities. Also, Premium Members can initiate chats. The fact is, that PS hosts more than 2,550,000 conversations and 20,000 new blog posts per month, and the vast majority of that comes from Premium Members. How can you find dates if you don't talk? How can you find what you have in common with a potential partner?

- See more people: Premium members can swipe through as many profiles as they like. They can see as many members as they want, when they want, including new members who just joined and all premium members. This greatly opens up the dating pool.

- Find more serious dating candidates: The ability to meet other Premium members is extremely critical to many success stories that we've seen. Think about it, if they are paying to find better candidates, they are clearly serious about meeting people on this site, and about improving their love life.

- Find people nearby: That's right, Premium Members can identify people near them, people that they can more easily meet in real life. In fact, Premium Members can identify people within 50 miles of their location.

Sign Up Now, You Could Have Dates Lining Up Soon

What are you waiting for? Even on the number one STD dating site in existence, that special someone isn't going to knock your door down. You have to go out there and find them. PS gives you the opportunity, but we can't make them come find you too...

You need to be proactive, wade into the extremely active Positive Singles dating pool and find yourself some wonderful, attractive people to date. Keep looking until you find that special someone, the one you've been looking for. PS is not only the most active, successful STD dating site in the world, it's the only dating site that offers a confidential, supportive STD community.

We have resources, from blogs and inspirational stories to STD counselors that can answer questions you may have about any type of STD, resources that you won't find anywhere else. We have over 60,000 success stories. But what we don't have is the ability to force attractive singles looking for dates to come find you. You have to get out there and make it happen. Here's what PS offers anyone living with an STD:

• Over 2,373,100 registered members
• More than 2,550,000 live conversations per month
• 20,000+ monthly blog posts.
• We're not just a dating site, we're an experience and a lifestyle
• We provide a supportive community platform for people living with STD's
• Answers from STD counselors for any questions you might have
• Inspirational stories
• STD treatment stories
• Nearly 2 million users visiting PS each and every month.
• 10+ Privacy Controls

Still, with all of that it can take months or years to find people you want to date, forget about that perfect soul mate, that could take years. Unless you get out there and hustle. The best, fastest way to do that and to find as many potential dates as you can handle is to become a Premium Member.

Premium Members get so many more opportunities than basic members. They are seen far more than basic members, over twenty times more in fact. They have communications perks like unlimited messaging and video messaging. They can initiate chats with anyone and can see and view every member of PS at any time. They can even see who viewed them and who likes them. They can also find members nearby, within 50 miles of their location.

Don't wait for that special someone to find you, get to it with PS Premium, there's no time like today. Sign up for free now!

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